4-in-1-LED RGBW Strips

LED Type: Super Quality SMD5050(Four Chips in one LED)
Input Voltage: DC12V/DC24V (with temperature sensor)
Color: RGB Warm White, RGB Nature White, RGB Pure White and RGB Amber
LED Qty: 60LED/m, 72LED/m
Beam Angle: 120 degree
IP Ratio: IP20, IP54, IP67, IP68 Version
With 3M 300 strong adhesive tape on the backside
UL, CUL, CE, RoHS approved


Features of 4-Chips-in-1-LED RGBX Strips:

● With four chips in one LED. The mix color is pretty nice

● RGBW strips, you enjoy idea white color and RGB color with one same strips

Features of QL Temperature Sensor Constant Current Strips:

● Constant current version: with stable current, suitable for high quality requirements project.

● DC12V/DC24V input: Can work with any DC12V/DC24V PWM control system.

● Can work with unstable power supply and without damage. 

● with temperature Sensor: Can lower the current to protect itself when the temperature is too high.

● Brightness uniform: With same brightness from the first end to the last end for around 10m.

● DC24V version: can work with DC20V to DC30V Input

● DC 12V version: can work with DC10V to DC15V Input

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Model No.LED LEDWork VoltagePowerPCBWaterColorLumen
Four Chips in One LED, RGBX, Constant Current Version
 QL-F5050X30-CP4-24C505060/mDC24V19.2W/m12mmIP20R: 620-6301000-1100
 QL-F5050X30-CN4-24CPW: 6000-6500K
 QL-F5050X30-CW4-24CNW: 4000-4500K
 QL-F5050X30-CY4-24CWW: 2500-2700K
Four Chips in One LED, RGBX, Constant Voltage Version
19.2W/m12mmIP20R: 620-6301000-1100
 QL-F5050X30-CN4-12/24PW: 6000-6500K
 QL-F5050X30-CW4-12/24NW: 4000-4500K
 QL-F5050X30-CY4-12/24WW: 2500-2700K
23W/m12mmIP20R: 620-6301100-1200
 QL-F5050X36-CN4-12/24PW: 6000-6500K
 QL-F5050X36-CW4-12/24NW: 4000-4500K
 QL-F5050X36-CY4-12/24WW: 2500-2700K
 QL-F5050X48-CP4-24505096/mDC24V30W/m12mmIP20R: 620-6301300-1500
 QL-F5050X48-CN4-24PW: 6000-6500K
 QL-F5050X48-CW4-24NW: 4000-4500K
 QL-F5050X48-CY4-24WW: 2500-2700K
Remark:      X is for Waterproof type. A for IP20 non-waterproof version, S for IP54 single-sided glued with silicone,  
                  C for IP67 with silicone tube, D for IP68 with silicone tube and silicone glue



 Different Waterproof Version